If you are planning to make some Keto deals for your body, then you will definitely get some insights from this article.

Before getting into the foods, what is a Keto diet?

It’s a high-fat, high-protein and low-carb meals, whose main purpose is to let the body make use of the stored fat instead of

Not all the Keto approved meals are healthy for your body (over-consumption), so it’s important to know the healthy foods that you can include for trying this special diet.

Best Keto Foods to Eat

Which are some of the Best Keto Foods to Eat?

The keto-approved foods recommended by the Chefs and Dieticians are given below:


The most likable and recommended among all-Avocado! This keto friendly food is high in plant-based monounsaturated fat, something which is a must for a keto-planner.

Smoothies and other Low-Sugar Juices for adding veggies and proteins!

In case you are skipping on the veggies, you can include them in the form of smoothies and juices. You may find cheese and meat easy to chew on, but it’s important to include minerals, fiber and water-soluble vitamins in the diet.


Usually, all kinds of nuts are rich in nutrients and healthy fats. Cashews are full of minerals and micro-nutrients that you can easily have during your keto-diet.

Eggs – the basic Keto Meal!

The best one of all – fried, scrambled, poached or any way you take it. Eggs contain all the important amino acids, and even micronutrients like selenium, choline, B vitamins! It even keeps the hunger away for 4 to 6 hours, making it the best for all on the go people looking for low-carb food.


You know that Keto diets mainly rely on meat consumption. Yes, it would be very high. But not all the meats are good for a daily diet. Check out the Ribeye which is similar like eggs, nutrient-rich and contains all the necessary amino acids. Contains iron and zinc.

You see, there’s no fixed food or meal here. Lots of options. Figure out what’s good for your health and body. Slay.