Month: September 2018

Find out the Super Awesome Freebie Deals awaiting you!

Are you looking out for some really good food deals for this month?

You just reached the right place, fellas!

Super Awesome September

I am a big foodie, and free food or the discounted foods is something that I crave for! Well, Septembers are lazy and even you won’t feel much like cooking by yourself. You can try out the deals for a change, and what else – just enjoy them!

Find out the Super Awesome Freebie Deals awaiting you this September!

Below are some of the craziest and must-try food deals that I sorted out just for you.

Tip: Set the location nearest to you, and then search for the places. This will save your time, and let the food reach you more quickly.

a. September 16-22

It’s the Target Sale during this time! One of the biggest of all! It’s going to be a week-long sale, where they offer you with the Cartwheel Promotions, and also discounts for those with the Shipt Delivery membership.

b. September 22

Get on the First Day of Fall Sales, which is something never to miss out on. Talking about the Springs, they bring you a lot of freebies with you, while the first day of summer gets you some cool treats as well.

c. September 25

25th Sept has a special deal for the dogs by the Omaha Steaks, where they are offering dog treats for $1! All foods including Original Beef Dog Biscuits, T-Bone Chews, etc.

d. September 28

Another day of celebration for all the Beer Lovers out there! Check out for the Beer deals in town, on this day – that rightly falls three weeks after the National Beer Lover’s Day!

e. September 29

This day is dedicated for the Coffee Lovers, you can easily Google out your nearest Cafe options and look out for some exciting one-day deals!

There you are! September deals on your way to make the month more exciting and fun for all 🙂

Quick Tips & Facts on the Keto Diet | By the Master Trainer Kirsty Godso

The Keto is the current trending name in the fitness world, and many people are still unknown on what it is! When a person is on a Keto diet, then this means that he/she is on a very low-carb diet.

Keto word comes from the term Ketones which is nothing but an alternate fuel generated by the body when it goes short on blood sugar. Blood sugar is the glucose, therefore as the glucose supply gets reduced body generated another fuel on its own using the Body Fat – and that’s what Ketones are!

Kirsty Godso Diet

Quick Tips & Facts on the Keto Diet By Kirsty Godso

Kirtsy Godso is a Keto Veteran, and a Master Trainer – when she starts speaking on something, better you listen carefully. Especially when it is something complicated like the Ketos. 

Check out the tips shared below by Kirtsy for all the people who are planning to take a jump into the Keto world!

1) The Keto Flu during the Initial Days

Once you start following the Keto diet, your body will initially face an emotional breakdown. It’s during this time that you need to keep a close check on what goes inside your body. Therefore, don’t lose out the focus. Keep out all the distractions away from sight, skip the outings, and try to keep yourself away from your favorite food places.

2) Plan well. Stick to it as well.

It’s always better to have a plan, for example – planning out the breakfast in advance will help you save your time and also keep your mind at peace.

3) Keep a check on the Workouts

Don’t put your body in stress with your high-intensity workouts. Perform the exercise as much as you can, adjust let the body talk to you. Listen to it as well.

4) Go smart on the Snacks.

Yes, you will have strange cravings while you are on a Keto. Therefore, plan your craving solutions in advances. Nuts are a good option here, and even a quality protein powder.

5) Have fun & Don’t make it a Burden

No one forced you to do the Keto, you chose to start it and that’s why you are doing it. Therefore, make sure that you don’t keep blaming yourself for the decision. Instead be strong-minded to face it and enjoy the Keto journey while you are on it.

Was the article helpful enough? Do share your Keto stories in the comments!

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